TON Provider Mission

Today, our primary objective remains unwavering: to establish a decentralized, resilient, adaptable, and dedicated global hosting infrastructure that will facilitate the dynamic growth of TON’s ecosystem in the future.

We have designed, built, managed, and innovated data center solutions for more than 25 years and have still managed to remain agile in the way we operate as a global player.

We firmly believe that providing a robust and resilient infrastructure for TON users and developers is crucial for the successful future development of the TON Blockchain.

Therefore, we have embarked on this mission.

Switzerland is a Leading Blockchain Development International Hub

The Swiss blockchain act has a significant impact on tokenization, investments, and capital markets. This act defines electronic records in blockchains and introduces a regulatory framework for their proper use.Furthermore, it paves the way for the creation of blockchain digital assets. Switzerland possesses all the necessary attributes to be a leading global hub for blockchain development.

Our overarching goal is to establish the foundation for the development and building of new telecommunications based on Web3 technologies for future generations. TON Provider is advancing the state-of-the-art in telecommunications, with a specific focus on The Open Network, because TON is the blockchain of blockchains. Our activities comprise organizing operative events such as conferences, workshops, pitch meetings, and startup assistance to facilitate collaboration and unite more blockchain funds in Switzerland within the Blockchain Hub Switzerland.

This is the objective of the TON Provider Team, extending from Switzerland to the global stage, to achieve.